Today, Teknik Metal is one of the pioneer companies in stainless steel industry. We are one of the leading stainless steel stockists and service centers in Eastern Europe and Mid-West Asia.


Teknik Metal A.S. is one of the leading stainless steel stockists and service centers in Eastern Europe and Mid-West Asia. Founded in 1961, the company has been in the business for more than half a century.

Teknik Metal A.S. has regular stocks in big volumes and various grades, both in stainless steel long materials and in flat materials. All of the materials are prime with 3.1 MTC, ready for immediate shipment.

Teknik Metal A.S. is located in the middle of... Everywhere. Having its headquarters in the south of Turkey, the company is spread all over Turkey with 8 warehouses1 cold drawing line and 1 service center. We can arrange immediate shipments from Mersin and Istanbul ports. Our location provides our customers with a great advantage in delivery periods.

Teknik Metal A.S. has a stainless steel service center on a 52.000 m2 area in Adana Industrial Zone. The service center includes 4 cutting lines, 4 slitting lines and 1 grinding line. The facility allows us to customize the length, the width and the surface of the flat materials. Therefore we can offer any length up to 12 meters, any width between 10 mm and 2500 mm, and any surface among 2B - 2E - BA - No1 - No2 - No3 - No4 - SB (Scotch Brite) - Duplo.

Teknik Metal A.S. offers value added solutions according the customers' requirements. We have a cold drawing line for stainless steel bars and wires. We can produce stainless steel bars and wires in any requested diameter between 4 - 15 mm according to the customer's demand, including the fractional sizes. 

In 2017, Teknik Metal A.S. established a new 6.300 m2 wharehouse located in Istanbul. Our new warehouse enables us to offer our full range, including both stainless steel long materials, and stainless steel flat materials with immediate shipment from ready stock in Istanbul.

Teknik Metal A.S. already exports to many countries including Russia, Serbia, Egypt, Ukraine, Jordan, UAE, Indonesia, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Tunisia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Morocco, Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia, Poland, Czech Republic and many more…

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any stainless steel requirements. We'll be glad to serve you with generations of experience.